Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Essay Reflection Draft 02

In my essay, I wrote about the environmental impacts mentioned by Goldin during his TED talk. I believe that the destruction of the environment is the most pressing issue as it affects humans as much as it affects the flora and fauna. In order to mitigate the problem, government policies were implemented and efforts were made to clean up polluted ecosystems. Organisations provided funds in an attempt to maintain the wellbeing of the environment. Despite the efforts undertaken, it is difficult to fully eradicate the consequences globalisation caused to nature.

When planning the essay, I debated addressing the social inequality faced by people. As the world became more integrated, the impoverished are unable to close the widening income gap between them and the affluent. This is turn leads to social disparity. This problem can be alleviated and is reversible to some extent with a lot of assistance from the government and international organisations. Hence, I decided to write about environmental issues instead because destruction of the environment has a detrimental impact on the planet.

Writing this essay was challenging in some areas due to the lack of evidence to support the effect of environmental policies as some is exaggerated to prove the effectiveness of the policies. Reports regarding the success of Kyoto Protocol may be difficult to accept because the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) want to promote the rectification of the protocol. Therefore, the success of the protocol may be largely exaggerated in order to garner support from the countries. Nonetheless, it was relatively easy to write the essay as I have some prior knowledge of globalisation from studying geography and reading articles related to environment issues.

In conclusion, the process of constructing the essay has allowed me to improve my grammar and sentence structure. I have also learnt how to use the APA format when listing literature cited. At the same time, I learn more about the different kinds of policies implemented to alleviate environmental problems.